Teaching Assistant at Princeton University

ECO 464 / FIN 519, Corporate Restructuring, with Professor O. Griffith Sexton, Fall 2017, 2018, and 2019, a course targeted at undergraduate seniors and master of finance students that effectively covers advanced corporate finance

ECO 342, Money & Banking, with Professor Markus Brunnermeier, Fall 2017, a course targeted at undergraduate juniors

Advisor for Undergraduate Research at Princeton University

Princeton University, Junior Independent Work, with Professors Will Dobbie, Christopher Neilson, Adrien Matray, and Jonathan Payne, 2017 to present

Each academic year, I advise a group of 10 juniors on their first research project. I am especially proud of my students who won prizes for their junior papers, including

who were selected to the Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies Junior Independent Work Research Forum.

Other Teaching

Undergraduate teaching assistant, University of Bonn, corporate finance, with professor Hendrik Hakenes, spring 2013

High school computer science teacher, German Red Cross, Ghana, fall 2011